The Everhot Extractor by Westin

Made to Match your Everhot

Available in widths to match all Everhot Cookers - 60cm to 160cm, and all the Everhot colours (plus a bespoke option - our showroom model is all-stainless steel rather than colour-matched to the cooker).

All have a powerful motor to extract up to 800 cubic metres per hour.

Low energy LED lighting, intuitive LCD touch-controls, three power settings and dishwasher-safe grease filters all as standard.

Everhot Extractor in Graphite


We recommend extracting to external air if at all possible (it gets rid of the moisture and steam). When this just isn't practical so you can specify your hood with an air recirculation kit instead.

If you need extra power then the three larger models (120cm, 150cm and 160cm) can be specified with a second motor for double the extraction rate to 1600 cubic metres per hour.

The duct can exit the back or the top of the extractor and for top outlet models a 'chimney' is available to hide the pipework.

Sizes and Technical Info


Width optons:

Height: 450mm
Depth: 610mm

Everhot Extractor Dimensioned Drawing


Height above cooker (hotplate)
Minimum: 650mm
Maximum: 850mm

Electrical requirement

One 13amp socket (single motor models 3A load, Twin motor models 5A load).


Three (four on the 120cm, 150cm and 160cm models) 2.6W variable warmth (3000-6000K) dimmable LED lamps.

Extract rate (Maximum)

Single motor: 800 m3 / hr
Twin motor: 1600 m3 / hr

Motor Energy Rating: 'B'

Grease Filters

Stainless-steel, dishwasher-safe.

Everhot Extractor in Goose Grey

Top or Rear Duct Outlet

Optional - specify at the time of order.

Duct Top Outlet - Chimney Section

If you are taking the ducting off the top of the extractor a telescopic (352mm-600mm) 'chimney' section is available to hide the duct from view. (You need two for the twin motor 120cm, 150cm or 160cm models.)


150mm diameter
(Twin motor model needs two ducts.)

The duct should be round, smooth bore and as straight as possible for maximum effectiveness and minimum noise.
Avoid flexible ducting. (It's ok in small sections for joints and final connection to the hood if necessary.)

Duct Length

Recommended maximum is 7m of straight duct, or up to 5m with up to 3 bends.
Longer runs, additional bends, smaller or non-round or smooth duct adds resistance which increases noise levels and reduces effectiveness.

Recirculating Kit

If you can't vent to outside with ducting then a recirculating kit is available as an optional extra.

Everhot Extractor Prices

Is an extractor compulsory?

Well, this is certainly a high quality and stylish option and perfectly complements your new Everhot but it's not normally mandatory from a technical aspect.*

Generally it's up to you but like just about all other cookers (AGAs with external oven venting excepted) the cooking smells vent from the ovens to the room, along with anything from the hotplates (and induction hob) so if you want to exhaust this to outside then you'll need to fit an extractor over the cooker.

A small point to note - the Everhot's lid, when lifted up, is 1530mm above floor level. A clearance is needed for 'finger room' so any extractor, feature or canopy needs to be above this height (we recommend starting at at least 1650mm above floor level).

(*Building Regulations mean that in most new-builds and lots of renovation projects you have to have some form of ventilation, how this is done is up to you; they just specify a certain number of 'air changes' needed for a healthy building.)