AGA and Everhot Cookware and Accessories

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AGA Cookware and Accessories

We stock most of the AGA Cookshop range of cookware, textiles and accessories and some items which are specific to Everhot Cookers too.

AGA Cookware, like the cookers, is very durable, high quality and built to last. It can all be used in other cookers too - it's not just for an AGA!
(The roasting tins, trays and shelves are made to fit the AGA's runners however they're fine to use in another cooker as long as you check that they'll fit.)

AGA Cookware Catalogue Front Cover

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AGA Cooking

Everhot Cookware and Accessories

Just about all the AGA cookware can be used in (and on) the Everhot.

Everhot Cookware and Accessories section of TN Cook Limited's showroom

The Everhot's ovens are bigger (wider) than the AGA's so all the roasting tins and trays will go in the ovens (but won't fit the runners; you'll need to use the Everhot's own shelves to rest them on).

Everhot Cookware and Accessories section of TN Cook Limited's showroom

Note for Everhot 110 Plus owners: this is a slightly quirky model and its ovens are a little shorter (front to back) than all the others. This also means the large AGA trays and tins don't fit.
(The 110 Plus has shorter ovens to accommodate some extra insulation so it emits the same level of warmth to the room as the other Everhot models.)

Cookery Demonstrations

What comes with a new AGA?

When you buy a new AGA it comes with a starter set of utensils. It differs very slightly depending on which model you buy - the items are listed below.

AGA Starter Set


Item Description

Prod. Code

2 or 3 Grid shelf (A1282)
AGA ERA, AGA eR3, and Traditional Two and Four oven models come with 2
AGA 7 Series Three and Five oven models come with 3
2 Fan Oven Grid shelf (AGA ERA 110-3i only)
1 Large roasting tin A3285
1 Large grill rack A2313
1 Small roasting tin A3284
1 Small grill rack A2312
1 Plain 'Cold Shelf' (not with eR7 models)
(AGA ERA 110-3i comes with 1 Baking Sheet)
1 Baking tray (AGA ERA 110-3i only)
1 Wire brush A1841
1 AGA Toaster A1843
1 AGA Cookbook W3455
1 AGA 60 Recipe book
(with AGA 60 only)
1 or 2 Floor grid
ERA 110-3i and eR7 models come with 1
AGA 60 & AGA eR3 Series come with 2

Everhot Cookware

Lid Hob Covers

If you're inclined to rest things on top of the closed lids these covers will protect the brushed stainless steel finish. They have magnets to stop them falling off when you lift the lid.

Available in sizes to match the large and small lids

Everhot Lid Covers

Everhot Cookware and Accessories section of TN Cook Limited's showroom

Tins, trays, towels and oven gloves.

Everhot Cookware and Accessories section of TN Cook Limited's showroom

Lid / hob protector covers in various patterns.

Small (Half-Size) Baking Tray

Fits the cooker's runners without needing a shelf.

Hard-anodised aluminium.

Shallow depth version:
390mm x 265mm x 18mm

Everhot Half-size, shallow baking tray

Special Note!

The large sized trays and tins do not fit the Everhot 110 Plus which has slightly smaller ovens (they're the same width and height, just not as deep front to back).

AGA Roasting Tin Sizes (for info)

Large: 455mm x 340mm x 55mm

Small: 237mm x 345mm x 55mm

New Everhots come with:

Everhot Starter Set


Item Description

2 Stainless steel oven shelves
(For use in any oven but primarily the top / hotter oven.)
1 or 2 Aluminium oven shelf
For use in the lower oven(s)
(Aluminum slides in and out easier than the stainless ones for the top oven, however it isn't suitable for use in the top oven near the grill or where temperatures go above 200 degrees C.)
1 Roasting tin with grill rack.
1 Everhot Cookbook
1 Cleaning set
(Cloth, Stainless steel cleaner and Barkeeper's Friend)