AGA Total Control Cooker


Best known and still the mainstay of the AGA brand is the original cast iron heat-storage range cooker.

New AGA ERA 110-3i

The new AGA ERA cooker is the latest to join the heat-storage model line up; it combines traditional yet programmable cast-iron ovens, and a cast-iron hotplate with a completely up to date, efficient and controllable four-zone induction hob and a fan oven.

It's the best of both worlds - heat-storage warmth and 'AGA' cooking when you want it, and super-efficient, low-energy induction and fan oven when you just need to cook and not add heat to the room.

The AGA 3 Series and AGA 7 Series cookers with many configuration and sizing options are the mainstay of the AGA Heat Storage range. Fuelled by more environmentally friendly electricity they are more economic to run and easier to install than the old oil and gas models which were discontinued as of January 2022.

You can also grow the capacity and flexibility of your AGA by adding an 'Integrated Module' (7 Series models) or extra fan oven and simmering plate section (3 Series models) too.

Pewter Three Oven AGA at TN Cook Limited, Skipton

AGA ERA 110-3i Cooker

AGA Heat Storage Cookers

AGA 7 Series Cookers

AGA 3 Series

Two model lines - R3 and eR3.

Sizes from 90cm to 170cm in both lines, and options such as an additional fan oven and induction hob.

eR3 Series models have individually controlled ovens and hotplates and use a (standard) 32amp cooker circuit (some options require one or two additional 13amp sockets as well) for quick heat-up times in case you decide to turn an oven off.

They have two cast-iron AGA ovens and a dual-temperature hotplate, plus the fan oven and induction hob options.

R3 Series models also have individually controlled ovens and hotplates but have longer heat-up times (they're really meant to be left on most of the time) as they use two or three lower powered 13amp connections (not plug-sockets though). These (especially the 100cm models) are ideal to replace an old Traditional AGA when the time comes for it to be retired.

Low running costs, and adaptable settings - there's even an induction hob option for the ultimate flexibility.

Slate AGA Everyday 3 Series eR3 100-4 at TN Cook Limited, Skipton
AGA R3 Series Cookers

AGA eR3 Series Cookers

Conventional Cooking

AGA also make conventional cookers too:

The S-Series Six-Four and Freestanding Module combine traditional enamelled cast iron front and top-plates with conventional ovens, fan ovens, gas burners and electric ceramic hobs.

The Masterchef Deluxe has a more modern look with conventional oven, fan oven, gas burner or electric induction hob.