Cookery Demonstrations

Cookery Demonstrations

We hold Cookery Demonstrations on both AGA and Everhot Cookers in our large upstairs studio. We can accommodate up to around 20 people at any one time and have fitted large-screen TVs so everyone can see what's going on when seated.

Most of our demonstrations are designed to give you an idea of just what's possible and how easy it is to do, usually with a seasonal theme.

Come along - whether you're a 'newbie' or an 'old-hand' everyone learns something new!


If you can't make it to a 'full' demonstration and have a question about using a cooker or cooking a specific dish then do ring or call in and ask. We're passionate about the products we sell and most of us have an AGA or Everhot at home.

If you'd like to try something before making a decision we have several 'live' cookers you're welcome to come in and have a go with. Please ring to arrange a mutually convenient time.

To put your name on the mailing list for notification of upcoming events please add your details here.

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Cookery Demonstrations


A very simple, informal and relaxed demo.

We explain how to best use the cooker for some basic home-cooking - you don't need to 'learn to cook again' (it's not all that different!) but one or two tips and you'll see how things can be easier and better than an 'ordinary' oven and hob!

AGA Basics Cookery Demonstrations

Everhot Basics Cookery Demonstrations

Exclusive - Everhot Masterclass Demonstrations

Everhot Masterclass Cookery Demonstrations

Exclusively for our Everhot customers: Everhot Masterclass Demonstrations.

Held here and hosted by Steven Evans of Everhot the Masterclasses are a series of cookery demonstrations, each with a distinct theme.

The next Masterclass is being planned - please sign up to the mailing list if you'd like to find out the theme and when it'll be held.

Saturday morning bakes!

It's the weekend - we like to try to have something cooking on a Saturday morning and if you time it right there might be some nibbles available!

Saturday Baking - Wholemeal Cranberry Rockcakes
Saturday Baking - Raspberry Bakewell
Saturday Baking - Chocolate Brownies
Saturday Baking - Pistachio and Cranberry biscuits