The AGA 7 Series Cookers

An evolution of the AGA 'Control' Series models with improved functionality and useability whilst retaining the core AGA Radiant heat values.

Three Oven AGA In Salcombe Blue

The Cookers

Available in three oven or five oven versions (three oven is 987mm wide and five oven 1478mm wide). They can also be combined with the Integrated Module (gas or electric hob versions) and five oven models are available with the optional single-zone induction hob instead of the standard-fit warming plate on the hotcupboard for added flexibility.

The models: AGA R7 and AGA eR7

The AGA R7 replaces the Dual Control AGA ('R' for 'Radiant Heat' - the unique way that an AGA cooks using heat radiated from the cast-iron oven).

The AGA eR7 replaces the Total Control AGA ('e' for 'everyday' meaning that the AGA is controllable and can be set to heat up and cool down on an everyday basis, and 'R' for 'Radiant Heat' - cast-iron oven cooking).

The AGA '7 series' is (at the time of writing - AGA may have bigger and even better things in the pipeline!) the top-spec model range - the AGA 3 Series Cookers sit at a slightly lower spec (manual controls) and lower price-point.

Updates over the previous models


  • - Updated symmetrical layout (the hotplates and lids are now central - they have always been about 1"/25mm to the right of centre on all previous AGAs, had you ever noticed!)
  • - Special Altrashell™ coating on the inside of the cast-iron ovens, sealing the cast-iron and making them easier to clean.
  • - New cooler-touch stainless steel inner door liners on the cast-iron ovens. Promotes a cooler outer door (more efficient) and is easier to remove for cleaning or replacement.
  • - All cookers now have black, flush-fitting side panels.
  • - Matching stainless steel handrail and spring door handles.

Additional Features

AGA R7 (Previously AGA Dual Control).

There's a new electronic thermostat with closer control over the cooker's temperatures, and there are four temperature settings for the ovens: low, mid, normal and high (boost).

AGA eR7 (Previously AGA Total Control).

Revised capacitance touch-screen control panel.

More accurate temperature control over the three cast-iron ovens and a clearer digital heat indicator to show the when the cooker is heating up and when it's reached the set temperature.

Multiple temperature settings for both the Roasting (5 options) and Baking (4 options) ovens; you can now have two baking ovens if you wish.

(And yes, we know that when you say it out loud there's a certain chuckle factor to the letter/number naming of the new models but it wasn't our choice - someone at AGA made the decision!)