Everhot Energy Saving, Programming and 'ECO'

All Everhots come with the easy to use digital control box and built-in energy-saving 'ECO' mode.

ECO gives a second 'set' of (lower) temperatures generally for when the cooker is not in use and a lower background heat is required.

It can be set to automatically switch to the lower setting (in a similar way to a central heating timer).

Three Settings


The Everhot maintains its normal cooking temperatures.


The Everhot will stay in the (lower) 'ECO' temperatures.

Auto (Timed)

The Everhot will change between 'Normal' and 'ECO' temperatures following the programme set in the control box.

What are 'Normal' temperatures?

Whatever you choose - the oven and hotplate temperatures can be set in 5 degree increments up to their maximums to suit how you want to cook.

'ECO' temperatures?

Again, your choice - The maximum settings are lower in ECO mode than in Normal (the whole idea of ECO is to have lower settings to save energy) but they're not fixed - you can adjust to suit yourself (and the desired heat output; lower oven and hotplate settings mean less heat to the room).

Default ECO temperatures
(You can change these if you like):

Boiling plate: 150 C
Simmering Plate: 100 C
Top Oven: 120 C
Bottom Oven: 50 C
Bottom Right oven (120i/150i): 50 C

We'd suggest trying the default times and temperatures first, then adjusting them as you find necessary.

Default Times
(You can change these too)

ECO is enabled between 9pm and 5am so:

ECO mode ON (i.e. Lower temperatures) at 9pm (21:00).

ECO mode OFF (i.e. Normal temperatures) at 5am.

(Same for every day in the week.)

How flexible is the programme?

It's a '7 day' timer so each day can be different. You can have zero, one or two 'Sessions' of ECO per day.

The times for the ECO sessions can be chosen to within the nearest hour.

Can I over-ride the programme?

Yes, there's ECO advance to skip on to the next phase of the programme, or you could just switch back to permanent manual or ECO mode.

Download the 'ECO Advance' Instruction sheet here:

If you have the 'silver facia control box and your Everhot was delivered after April 2014 use these instructions.
If you have the 'black glass facia control panel' (from mid-2017) click here

How much energy will I save using ECO?

The factory default ECO settings and timings save about 15% on the factory default 'Normal' temperatures.

How do I change the ECO temperatures?

Whilst in ECO mode just change the oven/hotplate temperatures in the normal way (press and hold the up/down button for the desired zone for a couple of seconds to release the lock, then adjust up/down as needed).

How do I know I'm in ECO mode?

The LED next to the ECO button shows which mode you're in:
Off - 'Normal' mode.
On - Permanent ECO Mode.
Flashing - Auto (Timed) ECO mode.

In Auto (Timed) ECO, how do I know whether the cooker's in Normal or Low temperatures?

In ECO Auto, when at the lower temperatures (i.e. ECO enabled) the temperature display for each zone will flash 'ECO' approximately every 5 seconds. (It'll also do this when in permanent ECO mode too.)