AGA Stoves

AGA Ellesmere 6 Stove

Solid Fuel, Wood, Gas and Electric

AGA solid fuel and woodburning stoves employ the latest technology to ensure clean, efficient burning. Their cast iron (or heavy steel, depending on model) construction helps retain and radiate the heat and Active Airflow Technology helps to keep the glass clear so you can see, as well as feel, the warmth.

Gas fired stoves can be flued in different ways (using one of three kits) depending on the route to outside: directly through the wall behind, vertically up a short distance and then out horizontally, or vertically using a chimney.

Electric stoves don't need a flue or chimney and are very easy to install.

Gas and electric models include a remote control - thermostatic control at your fingertips!


  • - Cast Iron and Contemporary Steel Alternatives.
  • - Chrome Iron Grate - for longevity (some models also have an interchangeable woodburning plate too).
  • - Stainless Steel After Burner - to reduce soot emissions.
  • - 5-Year parts and 1-year labour warranty (doesn't apply to consumables such as glass, bricks etc).
  • - User controlled primary air inlet - so you can control the heat.
  • - Remote control with thermostat (gas and electric models).
  • - Hand-built and visual check before leaving the factory.


AGA have updated their range of stoves in 2022. This has meant that some models are no longer available.

Discontinued Models:

AGA Hadley (August 2022)

AGA Lawley Pedestal Stove (August 2022)

AGA Westbury (August 2022)

AGA Dorrington (November 2022)

AGA Hanwood (November 2022)