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10% Discount on New AGA Cookers

Purchase a new cast-iron, heat storage AGA, or AGA Masterchef Cooker between 5th July and 17th August 2024 and get a 10% discount.

(Doesn't apply to AGA ERA and can't be used in conjunction with any other offer, trade in or discount.)

T's and C's apply - please give us a call if you'd like to confirm your order or know more.

AGA Summer offer to 17.8.2024

New Everhot Colour - Mushroom

Available to order now in Cookers, Stoves and Heaters - the new Mushroom.

Our display model has arrived (Everhot Stove) and is in the showroom if you'd like to call in to see it.

Everhot 120i in Mushroom

New AGA Colour - Raspberry

Available to order now in AGA 3 Series and AGA 7 Series Models - the new Raspberry colour.

Our display model is on order and we'll post on here to let you know when it arrives.

AGA 7 Series 100-3 Cooker in Raspberry

New AGA Model - the
AGA ERA 110-3i

AGA have launched their new contemporary-styled ERA 110-3i.

AGA ERA 110-3i in roomset

Available to order now, it features the best of AGA's recent models in a stunning black gloss finish.

AGA ERA 110-3i - front view

Cast-Iron AGA Ovens

It has two cast-iron AGA ovens, however the top one isn't just for roasting; it's adjustable from low bake up to a high roast setting (and there's a grill element too).

The lower is a traditional AGA Simmering oven.

Both cast-iron ovens can be programmed to heat to your chosen setting at the time (or times) of day you'd like them to be available (on a seven-day timer, similar to how you programme your central heating).

They can be left on (for the traditional AGA roomheating warmth), or be run at a low-energy 'Slumber' setting.

New: Fan Oven

To the left there's a conventional fan oven, with window (an AGA first?)

AGA ERA 110-3i - front, cooking

(Featuring a cast-iron hotplate and induction hob)

On top there's a large cast-iron hotplate, which switches separately to the ovens and has two heat settings (boil or simmer).

To the right there's a four-zone induction hob.

AGA ERA 110-3i - top view

Our display model has arrived and is now on and working in the showroom , or see the model page for more information.

Everhot Running Costs - Case Study

We fitted an enegy monitor to our cooker to see what 'real life' running costs are.

There's a breakdown of the information on our Everhot Running Costs page.

AGA Discontinuation Notice - Old 'Traditional' Models

AGA have (as of 1st January 2022) stopped making and selling the 'Traditional' (also know as 'R5') models of cooker.

This includes the two, three and four oven gas AGAs, and two and four oven oil AGAs. (The ones with a single burner or heat source.) The Economy 7 Electric (2018) and 13amp Electric (2020) AGAs have already been discontinued.

Demand for these models has dropped away in recent times - the newer, more controlable and more economic AGA 3 Series and AGA 7 Series models are much more popular and are the great majority of models sold. (They do everything the old ones do but with the added flexibility of being able to turn them down and save running costs in warmer weather.)

The Everhot Extractor by Westin

Engineered in Yorkshire in partnership with Everhot by Westin.

Everhot Extractor

Everhot have teamed up with Westin to make a range of extractors in colours and widths to match your Everhot Cooker.


LED lights, LCD touch-controls, dishwasher-safe grease filters, these high-spec extractors perfectly suit the Everhot Cooker.

Everhot Extractor in Dusky Pink
See more about the Everhot Extractor by Westin here.