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Lockdown #3 (5th January 2021 to ..?)

Service, Repairs and Installations

Essential service and maintenance, repairs and existing building projects are allowed to continue so we will stay open and operational through the lockdown.

Virtual Showroom Open

If you're thinking of adding an AGA or Everhot to enhance your home we're here to answer any questions you might have, and we can still arrange Covid-safe delivery of your new cooker.

We can also take you on a virtual tour (WhatsApp or Facetime) of the showroom to explain the different cookers and models to help you make the choice that's best for you.

If you need us please get in touch - we're here to help.

AGA Manufacturer Price Rise - 3rd April 2021

It's your last chance to order your new AGA before the price goes up on 3rd April 2021.

You can order your cooker even if you're not quite ready for it (please ring for deposit / payment terms).

The increase is due to be in the region of 4%.

With an Oven

Yes, that's right - no need for a firebox means the space provides the ideal opportunity to house an oven which can be used for baking or slow-cooking too.

Everhot Electric Stove in Graphite - Oven door open

Ideal for sitting rooms, conservatories, home and garden offices, glamping pods, narrowboats, summerhouses and posh man-caves!

AGA 7 Series Models

The 'Control Series' (Dual Control and Total Control) AGAs evolve in to the brand new AGA 7 Series models with improved functions, looks and useablilty.

The new 7 Series AGAs are now available to order and ours are now on display in the showroom.

More details on the new AGA 7 Series Cookers

AGA 7 series oven
AGA 7 series oven

AGA 3 Series Models

The Family of AGA 3 Series Cookers has grown.

New, larger models (up to 172cm wide!) are now available to order.

With the true AGA cast-iron ovens and options including ultra-modern induction hobs and a 90 litre fan oven.

They're controllable, economic, and still do everything you want from an AGA.

More details on the new AGA 3 Series Cookers

AGA 3 Series Cooker

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AGA - Colours 2020

1 Pearl Ashes
2 Pewter
3 Dartmouth Blue
4 Linen
5 Black
6 Slate
7 Salcombe Blue
8 Dove
9 Dark Blue
10 White
11 Cream
12 Aubergine
13 British Racing Green
14 Duck Egg Blue

AGA - Fuels 2020

1 Electric (94%)
2 Gas (3%)
3 Oil (3%)

AGA - Models 2020

1 AGA 7 Series eR7 (was Total Control)
(55% 3 oven, 45% 5 oven)
2 AGA 3 Series
3 AGA 7 Series R7 (was Dual Control)
(67% 3 oven, 33% 5 oven)
4 AGA 60
5 Two oven
(Traditional heat-storage)
6 Four oven
(Traditional heat-storage)
7 AGA R3 Series
(New model launched mid-2020)


Everhot - Colours 2020

1 Cream
2 Graphite
3 Marine Blue
4 Black
5 Dove Grey
6 White
7 Sage
8 Burgundy
9 Aubergine
10 Mustard Yellow
11 Victoria Blue
12 Teal
13 Blue
14 Dusky Blue
15 Pillar Box Red
16 40th Anniversary Special Edition

Everhot - Models 2020

1 EVH120i
2 EVH100i
3 EVH90i
4 EVH150i
5 EVH110i
6 EVH60
7 EVH100 Plus
8 EVH90 Plus
9 EVH110 Plus
10 EVH120 Plus
(High heat output model)
11 EVH150 Plus
(High heat output model)