Black Everhot 90i Electric range cooker

Everhot Cookers

The Everhot is a low energy electric heat storage range cooker providing supreme cooking performance and a gentle background warmth to the kitchen.

Everhots have quick warm-up times and low energy consumption (only about 100 units per week for the smaller cookers). They have independent controls over each oven and hotplate, and a separately controllable grill in the top oven.

Suitable for year-round use due to the gentle nature of the warmth to the room which can be reduced further still by using the programmable 'ECO' function.

Available in various widths - 60cm, 90cm, 100cm, 110cm, 120cm and 150cm to suit you and your kitchen.

Cream Everhot 120i one-piece Electric range cooker

They Just Plug In!

Very simple to install - no flue and the 60, 90 Plus, 100 Plus and 110 Plus models just use one single 13amp socket outlet. The induction hob versions, 120 and 150 use two sockets - that's it!

Green Everhot 100

Induction Hob

There's an option of an induction hob for super-fast, super-controllable hob cooking on many models: two-zone on the 90i, 100i and 110i and three-zone on the 120i and 150i. (The induction hob models need two 13amp socket outlets.)

Everhot two-zone induction hob

Low Running Costs

Can be as little as £15-£20 per week when you use the ECO energy-saving programme.

Running costs and fuel consumption

Everhot or AGA?

How do they compare?
Everhot AGA

Everhot Cooker Quickstart Guide

- Stumped by the hotplate 'Loc'?
- Know how to set the grill default timer?
- Want to use the top oven 'Boost' function?
(And a few other questions answered.)

Download our guide here.

Everhot Quickstart Guide Cover