How to Buy Your New AGA Cooker

Initial Enquiry

If you've had an AGA before you may know just what you're looking for, but if not, or if you want to find out what's new in AGA's line-up then either give us a call or drop in to the showroom.
We can send a brochure and price-list and answer any initial questions you may have.

Visit Us and Choose Your AGA

At some point it is best to call in to see us and have a chat. You can spend some time looking at the different models and colours and discuss which will suit you and your home best. (We have one of, if not the biggest display of AGAs in the country, there's lots of parking space and there's always coffee on the go!)

Home Survey

The next stage would be for us to come and see you at home, have a look at the proposed site (or plans) to make sure it's possible to get your cooker in to the house / kitchen (some models come fully assembled) and look at the technical aspect of its installation. Then we prepare a tailored individual quotation and specification for your AGA. This details the cooker and its requirements, and the costs if you'd like us to carry out preparatory or ancillary work, or a specification if you have your own contractors to do it instead.

Order Your AGA

Once you're happy with the quote and specification it's just a case of paying a deposit to order your AGA, and arranging a suitable installation date (co-ordinated with you and any other contractors, trades or specialists working on the project).


We liaise with you (and if it's part of a bigger project) any of your contractors and the kitchen installers to make sure they have the relevant information they need about your AGA and to arrange a suitable time for us to come and install it. See the AGA installation FAQ page.

(Timing - the AGA is ideally installed after the floor is laid, just before the new kitchen furniture is fitted.)


The bit you've been waiting for!
Enjoy your new AGA and indulge in all the baking and gourmet entertaining you've been dreaming of, invite friends round for dinner and show off your new cooker!

Cookware and advice

There is a basic starter set that comes with your new AGA but you might find you want to add to this, or take the opportunity to refresh your cookware collection in our Cookshop here in Skipton. We can offer advice on what's available and what might be best for your style of cooking. See also the AGA Cookware, AGA Cooking and Cookery Demonstration pages for more information.

Servicing and after-sales

If you have any questions about running or using your AGA just get in touch, we're here to help and offer advice.

We'll let you know when the time comes for your AGA to be serviced or give us a call if you'd like to arrange a specific date for it to be done.