Everhot Options

All Everhots include the energy-saving 'ECO' control as standard and they're all built to the same high quality so all you need to choose is your model, colour and whether you prefer the 'standard' finish or would like to add the 'Chrome Pack'.

There's an optional infill strip available for the back edge of the cooker's top which smartens the look (and if you've removed an AGA to install the Everhot it makes up the difference in depth dimensions).

Special Model - 985mm wide

The Everhot 100 models (both the Everhot 100 Plus and Everhot 100i) are 995mm wide and need an additional gap for installation (usually 5-10mm).

This is just a touch wider than a two or three oven AGA (which are nominally 987mm wide).

We find that some people prefer to replace older AGAs with more economic cookers like the Everhot but can be put off by having to have the kitchen altered to accommodate it (granite worktops are especially awkward to trim down).

Worry not - we can now offer a new specially reduced-width model that fits the gap left by most old two or three oven AGAs. The small extra cost is normally far less than kitchen alterations would be, and doesn't involve the mess either.

The special model is exactly the same specification as the Everhot 100 models (100 Plus or '100i') but just a little narrower.

In combination with the 100mm infill fixed to the back to push it forward and match the 'footprint' of the old AGA and there's very little extra preparatory work needed to swap over.

Everhot Chrome Pack

Adds a chrome trim to your new cooker.

The handrail brackets and door hinge 'blocks' (normally in the same colour as the rest of the cooker's front), and handrail, door trims and hinge pins (normally brushed stainless steel) are finished in high quality chrome.

Chrome Pack
Side-by-side Comparison

Click the image to see the differences between the 'Standard Finish' and the 'Chrome Pack'
Or click here to download a PDF.

Everhot Chrome Pack differences
White EVH100i standard finish

Standard finish: Coloured handrail brackets and door hinge-blocks, stainless steel rail and hinge pins.

Teal Everhot, Chrome Pack

Chrome Pack: Chromed handrail, handrail brackets, door hinge-blocks and hinge pins.

White EVH100i standard finish


Teal Everhot, Chrome Pack


Top Plate Infill Strip

To accommodate the cables exiting the rear of the Everhot, and to leave enough room for you fingers to wrap around the handle when the lid is lifted fully the Everhot does not fit absolutely flush to the wall behind - there's usually a gap of about 30mm between the back of the cooker's top plate and the wall.

We've had some infill strips made to fill this gap and create a neater finish at the back of the cooker.

They're available in widths to match all models of Everhot - 60 to 150 and to 'push' the cooker forward by 30mm or 100mm.

30mm fills the normal space behind the cooker needed for the cables to exit the back of the cooker without stressing them, and to allow the lid to lift fully with room for your fingers to comfortably wrap around the lid's handle.

More info on the infill and other installation questions here.

The 100mm version is ideal where an AGA has previously been installed; an AGA is about 700mm front to back and the Everhot is 600mm so the 100mm infill 'pushes' the Everhot that bit further forward so the front of the cooker lines up with the existing units, worktop and floor.

The 30mm version is, if needed, included with a new Everhot and the 100mm version is available at extra cost.

The two-piece 120 and 150 models (and all 160i models which are all two-piece construction) need two infills (and a longer stainless-steel top plate jointing filler), one for each 'side' of the cooker.

Stainless Steel Infill strip for Everhot Cooker (100mm version)

100mm version shown, on the back of an Everhot 110 Plus.