The Everhot 90 Plus


Large cast-iron hot-plate

Smaller cast-iron simmer plate, controlled separately to the main hot-plate.

Two full size ovens with a powerful grill in the top oven.

Approximately 600W heat output to the room (when at 'full' cooking temperature).

Electric consumption: 100-115kWh per week.

Cream Everhot 90 Plus Cooker

Oven and Hot-plate Temperatures and Dimensions

Two Cast-Iron Hot Plates:

Large hot-plate on the left (400mm wide x 355mm deep) and split 60/40 in to two zones - to the left is the 'hot-plate' which has the heating element beneath and to its right is an area at about 70-75% of the heat of the larger left side.

Smaller 'Simmer plate' at the right.

Large Hot Plate:

Left side:

225mm wide x 355mm deep
Maximum: 350 degrees C
Heat-up time to 300C: 20-40mins

Right side:

175mm wide x 355mm deep
Heated to about 70-75% of the setting of the left side.

Simmering Plate:

175mm wide x 355mm deep
Maximum: 200 degrees C
Heat-up time to 200C: 20-40mins

Everhot 90 Plus - Hotplates

Top Oven


W: 395mm
H: 290mm
D: 490mm

Maximum temperature

(Measured at top): 250 C
Heat-up to 200C: 120-150min


Full area 2.5kW grill with 30min countdown timer

Bottom Oven


W: 395mm
H: 290mm
D: 470mm

Maximum temperature

(Measured at top): 180 C
Heat-up to 120C: 60-90min


Everhot 90 Plus - dimensioned drawing

Socket Position

Everhot 90 Plus Electrical Socket position


The Everhot 90 Plus has its controls behind the smaller door.

All that's required is a 13amp power socket to the side of the cooker (NOT BEHIND IT!) - there's a cable exiting the back of the cooker (1.3m long), with a plug to go to the socket which must be no more than 0.6m from its right side or 0.3m from its left side.


The Everhot 90 Plus weighs approximately 300kg.


Available in all colours - see colours page for more information).