Everhot Colour Options


Everhot 100 in Aubergine


Everhot Black door sample


Everhot Blue door sample


Everhot Burgundy door sample


Everhot Cream door sample

Dove Grey

Everhot 110 In Dove Grey

Dusky Blue

Everhot 110i in Dusky Blue

Dusky Pink

Everhot 110 In Dusky Pink

Fandango Pink

Everhot Fandango Pink

Forest Green

Everhot 110i in Dusky Blue

Goose Grey

Everhot Pillar Box Red


Everhot Graphite door sample


Everhot 110i in Lavender

Marine Blue

Everhot 110i in Marine Blue


** New for 2024 **

Everhot 110 in Mushroom

Mustard Yellow

Everhot 110 in Mustard Yellow

Pillar Box Red

Everhot Pillar Box Red


Everhot Sage door sample


Everhot 100 in Tangerine


Everhot 90 in Teal

Victoria Blue

Everhot Victoria Blue door sample


Everhot White door sample

Matt Black

Stove and Heater only

Everhot Stove in Matt Black

Everhot Chrome Pack

Adds a chrome trim to your new cooker.

The handrail brackets and door hinge 'blocks' (normally in the same colour as the rest of the cooker's front), and handrail, door trims and hinge pins (normally brushed stainless steel) are finished in high quality chrome.

It can be specified with any colour of Everhot.

Chrome Pack
Side-by-side Comparison

Click the image to see the differences between the 'Standard Finish' and the 'Chrome Pack'
Or click here to download a PDF.

Everhot Chrome Pack differences

Price and Availablity

All models are available in all colours, with the exception of Matt Black - this is not available for cookers; it's is only for Everhot Electric Stoves and Everhot Electric Heaters. (The only extra-cost options are the Chrome Pack and 100mm Rear infill for the cooker's top.)

Your choice of colour won't affect the delivery time from the factory - all Everhot Cookers are made to order and take the same time (usually about 8-12 weeks) to come. Stoves and Heaters are normally around a 2-4 week delivery time.

(We sometimes have some more popular models in stock which would be available straight away - just ask if you need one quickly.)