Cooking on the Everhot

Is it like an AGA?

It's the obvious question!

The answer: yes, you get the same results - food is cooked with the indirect 'radiant heat' coming from all round the heavy grade steel top oven and since there's no exposed element or flame to concentrate the heat in any one area, the food is cooked in a more gentle and even manner.

White Everhot 60 cooker

How many ovens and what do they do?

All Everhots have at least two ovens and some have three.
The Top oven can be set (in 5 degree increments) anywhere up to 250 degrees celsius. Generally this is the main oven and is used for baking and roasting.

The Bottom oven - can be set up to 200 degrees C so is normally used for slow cooking and lower temperature baking. (As a general rule, if you need more than 180C then it's best to use the top oven.)

The Third oven (110i, 120 and 150 models) can be set up to 120C, again in 5 degree increments [Note: the 110Plus has a fixed temperature third oven at about 110-120C] so is used for simmering, slow cooking and plate warming.

The 100 models have a slightly smaller 'plate-warming' oven which doesn't have its own element and is instead heated indirectly by the oven it sits next to. It's not hot enough to cook in but is perfect for plate warming, keeping sauces and custards warm and defrosting.

And the top?

A large cast-iron hotplate split 60/40 (boil/simmer) provides plenty of space for pans. Like all hotplate cooking it's not instant response if the setting is changed - you move the pan to the boil or simmer side, or to the side of the hotplate for more or less contact to vary the heat.

There is the option of an induction hob (on all models except the Everhot 60) - this gives instant response and can be used regardless of what any of the other cooking 'zones' are doing.

Graphite Everhot 150 cooker

Anything else?

The grill!

There's a powerful grill in the top of the top oven - perfect for finishing the lasagne, grilling and browning.

It's switched on from the control panel and when on it's always 'full power' (use a lower shelf if you prefer a less powerful grilling). You choose the length of time it is on for between 1 and 30 minutes - it switches itself off when the timer has counted down to zero.

Top oven 'boost'

If you have turned the oven down or off for any reason there's a 'boost' function that uses the grill to heat the top oven quickly.
Instead of the ordinary oven element the grill is used (it's more powerful so is much quicker) and gets the oven to within about 20 degrees of the target, then the oven element takes over; this way the oven only takes around twenty minutes to get from 'cold' to roasting heat rather than up to two hours.

More on Top oven 'boost'

Download the Instruction sheet here:

If you have the 'silver facia control box and your Everhot was delivered after April 2014 use these instructions.
If you have the 'black glass facia control panel' (from mid-2017) click here

What about the Induction Hob?

One thing's for certain - it's really handy.

For the summer time you have the flexibility to turn the cast-iron hotplate right down without affecting the oven setting (reducing the heat output to the room considerably) yet you still have the induction hob to use when you do need to do some hob-cooking.

Everhot 100i Induction hob

Do I need special pans for the induction hob?

They do need to be 'induction friendly' but there's a simple test - if a magnet will stick to the base of the pan then it will work on the induction hob.

(The base must be 'ferrous' so it can complete the induction loop and the energy can be transferred. Cast iron and most stainless steel pans are fine but copper and aluminium won't work unless they're special 'induction friendly' ones with a steel disc embedded in the base.)

Do I just use an ordinary recipe or do I need the AGA book?

Either is fine - if you're using an 'AGA' recipe then set your ovens to the AGA temperatures and follow the recipe as if in an AGA.

Everhot Cookbook

If you're cooking with a 'conventional' recipe we recommend setting the Everhot about 10 degrees higher than the 'conventional oven' temperature (or cook for longer).

If it's a 'fan oven' setting then add 20-30 degrees - the Everhot is a more kind, gentle, even heat and isn't an agressive fan oven.

What about the cooking smells?

Do I need a pipe to outside?

There's no pipe to outside to worry about (an Everhot can even be fitted in an island if you want).

Its ovens are vented (to the room) so you don't get flavours crossing when you cook different foods at the same time.

However, it's recommended to ask your kitchen fitter to install an extractor to take the steam from the hotplates (and ovens) to outside rather than just letting them escape in to the room.

Can I time it to cook?

The Everhot comes with a timer system - it's called the 'ECO' mode and it turns the cooker to a low heat for when it's not in use (such as overnight, or during the day if you're out at work). It's a '7-day' timer so each day in the week can be different (or the same if you like) to follow your routine (think of it like you'd set up the central heating - so the Everhot is doing its thing in the background and you don't need to remember to turn it up or down).

The Everhot is a 'heat storage' cooker and it does take a little while for the ovens to heat up (2-2.5 hrs from cold, or about an hour or so from a mid-setting) so 'ECO' isn't for timing your cooking, think of it more of a pre-heat timer for the cooker itself and set it up like you would your heating system.