AGA and Everhot Cookers

AGA and Everhot Heat Output / Roomheating

Will it heat the room?

Yes, to an extent. However whether or not your chosen cooker will heat the room sufficiently depends on its heat output, the room's heat requirement, and the 'target temperature' (which is usually around 19 degrees C in a kitchen and 20 - 21 C in a living room).

Cooker Output

The heat output of the cooker (see the table further down the page) depends on how you set it. It's important to know that there is no specific control for the 'heat to the room' - the output will be determined mostly by the hotplates but also by the oven settings / temperatures and use of programmable systems on some models.

Room Heat Requirement

A little homework on your part, sorry! There's no standard answer for all rooms; a south facing room with a 'glass wall' at sea-level in a modern well-insulated house will need much less heat than a large room with tall ceilings in drafty old house with single glazed sash windows 400m up in the Scottish Highlands!

Ready Reckoner

To calculate the approximate heat requirement for your room follow this guide:
(Please do remember - it is only approximate; if you want exact figures you'll need to know 'U-values' to calculate true heat-losses and work on target temperatures allowing for air changes, solar gain and all sorts of other factors (which is why experts get paid to do this for you!)

First, calculate your room's volume and then use the multipliers in the table below to get an idea of the heat requirement.

Heat Requirement Ready Reckoner

Heat in kW
per m3
Heat in BTUs
per ft3
Very well insulated, modern house 0.0206 2
Well insulated, South facing / low-lying 0.0310 3
Average stone-built, double-glazed 0.0362 3.5
North facing / above normal altitude, single-glazed 0.0412 4
Exposed property, single-glazed, draughty 0.0465 4.5
'Cold' room in a high or exposed house 0.0517 5

Approx. Heat Output (kW per hour) to the Room - AGA and Everhot Cookers

On '24/7' 'Low' / Medium Slumber
Traditional Heat Storage AGA
(13amp or Economy 7 electric, oil, gas, solid fuel)
1 kW n/a
AGA 7 Series R7 (or Dual Control AGA) Ovens only
(32a Electric or Gas + Electric hotplates)
0.85 kW 0.625 kW n/a
AGA 7 Series eR7 (or Total Control AGA) Ovens only
(32a Electric)
0.65 kW n/a 0.32 kW
AGA 60 and AGA eR3 Series Heat Storage
(Ovens only)
0.12 kW (Bottom - Simmer)
0.30 kW (Top - Bake setting)
0.375 kW (Top - Roast setting)
AGA R3 Series Heat Storage
(Ovens only)
0.1 kW (Lower - Simmer)
0.42 kW (Lower - Bake setting)
0.44 kW (Top - Roast setting)
0.44kW ('e' - Economy Setting)
0.1kW (Warming oven)
AGA 60, AGA R3 Series, AGA eR3 Series, AGA 7 Series,
AGA Dual or Total Control
(Hotplate[s] only)
0.22 kW (Simmer)
0.50 kW (Boil)
Everhot 60, 90i, 100i
(Electric - Plug-in)
0.60 kW 0.40 kW n/a
Everhot 90 Plus, 100 Plus, 110 Plus, 110i, 120i, 150i 
(Electric - Plug-in)
0.70 kW 0.50 kW n/a
Everhot 120, 150 (High heat-output models)
(Electric - Plug-in)
1.20 kW 0.80 kW n/a