Gloss Black Everhot Electric Stove

The Everhot Electric Stove

Plugs in to an ordinary 13amp socket.

Doesn't need a chimney, and you don't need to carry all the wood or coal in from outside.

Steel and cast-iron construction retains heat even after it's been switched off.

1.5kW heating element with thermostatic control.

It Cooks Too!

Yes, there's a 20 litre oven - ideal for small dishes.

Everhot Electric Stove, oven door open

Click here if you're looking for the cheaper, lower-spec 'Everhot Electric Heater' (it's the one without an oven).

Easy Installation

There's no complicated flue or hearth to worry about - just take it home, put it in position and plug it in.

Simple to Control

Just set the thermostat dial to the desired heat output (or oven temperature if you're using it to cook) and that's it.

Colour Options

Available in lots of colours either to match your Everhot Cooker or to tone in with the room's décor.
(Also available in the Heater and Stove-only colour of Matt Black.)

Everhot Electric Stove Door detail

Everhot Electric Stove in Mustard Yellow

Stove Dimensions

Everhot Electric Stove, dimensioned drawing

W: 487mm
H: 508mm
D: 410mm (760mm with door open)

Oven Dimensions

W: 270mm
H: 270mm
D: 250mm

The shelf sits 90mm above the floor of the oven with 180mm space above

Maximum Oven temperature

Approx. 240 C
(Half-power = simmering)

Installation Requirements

Not recommended to be installed on deep or thick-pile carpets.

Better on thin-pile carpets or ideally a non-combustible or fire-resistant hard surface. (A hearth isn't required.)

The majority of the heat is emitted through the heat-vent on the top of the stove - do not locate immediately below a counter, table or near curtains.

Everhot Electric Stove in Mustard Yellow

Thermostatic control for the 1.5kW element.

Everhot Electric Stove in Graphite

Electric Supply

One 13amp socket outlet.


Approx. 50kg