AGA Options

Customise your AGA to suit your lifestyle:

Integrated Module

Adds another dimension to your AGA.

The Integrated Module has a conventional electric oven with internal grill at the top, an electric fan oven below and a four zone electric or gas hob.

Integrated Module page.

'AGA with Integrated Module

AIMS Programmable Control

Unfortunately now discontinued. AIMS was available for traditional gas fired and 13amp electric AGAs. It only now exists in the official oil to 13amp electric conversion kit.

'AGA Programming' page.
'AIMS FAQ' page. AGA 'AIMS' Handset

Two Zone Electric Hob

Ceramic electric (not induction - induction is only available on the Dual Control and Total Control Warming Cupboard, see below) hob in place of the four oven AGA hotcupboard warming plate. Can also be retrofitted to some older AGAs. (Please note: not available for five oven Dual Control or Total Control AGAs - see below for induction hob option.)

AGA Two-zone Electric Hob for Four Oven AGA

Two Zone Gas Hob

Instead of the hotcupboard warming plate on a four oven AGA. Can't be retrofitted due to the internal gas pipe routing. (Please note: not available on the five oven Dual Control or Total Control AGAs.)

AGA Two-zone Gas Hob for Four Oven AGA

AGA Four or Five Oven Hotcupboard Warming Plate - Standard fitment.

The standard fitment to a four or five oven AGA's hotcupboard is a hard-anodised aluminium warming plate.
Note that the Dual Control and Total Control five oven AGAs can't be fitted with the optional two-zone gas or electric hob - there isn't space to accommodate the 'workings'.

Four or Five Oven AGA Warming Plate

AGA Total Control and Dual Control Hotcupboard Induction Hob Option

Available for the five oven (Dual Control and Total Control only) AGA's hotcupboard is a single-zone induction hob.
(Not retrofittable and not available for 'traditional' four oven models.)

Five Oven AGA Induction hob option

Hot Water Boiler.

(Now discontinued)
It was an option on some solid fuel, gas and oil fired AGAs (not available with electric AGAs) however it was an 'open vented, gravity circulation' system and isn't compatible with most modern hot water systems; it certainly isn't as efficient as a modern boiler/cylinder or combi-boiler set-up. Consequently demand has steadily fallen and at the end of 2014 AGA discontinued the option.
We can still obtain spares for older AGAs with integral boilers but if you ever upgrade your boiler, cylinder or heating system it's worth considering removing the boiler from the AGA for best energy efficiency.

'AGA Hot Water' page.