AGA Servicing

Your AGA is a long-term investment and looking after it will pay dividends in the future.

An AGA will give many years' good service if it's properly looked after and maintained.

Different models have different maintenance schedues:


Six-monthly servicing.

The vapourising burner in an oil AGA needs cleaning every six months.

At the same time the oil filter is checked, the oil control cleaned and checked, flueways checked and cleaned as well as a general health-check for the cooker.


Annual Servicing

The burner is checked and cleaned; the gas control valve checked; thermocouple checked and changed if necessary; flueways checked and cleaned; flue fan checked (where appropriate) and a general health-check for the AGA.

Gas AGA Thermocouples

The thermocouple is a simple device with a heat-sensing probe that sits in the pilot burner's flame.

The flame keeps the sensor hot which generates a very small electric current. This is just enough to hold an electro-magnetic valve open in the main gas control and allow gas to both the pilot and main burners. Should the pilot flame go out, the thermocouple tip cools, the electric current stops, the valve shuts and the gas supply stops, preventing a potentially dangerous escape of unburnt gas.

As it sits in a flame all its life, the thermocouple is a serviceable item - it will eventually burn out and need replacing. For this reason if they look as if they're nearly done we usually change them at a service rather than leaving it and risk your cooker breaking down in-between times requiring a special call-out.

It's worth noting that, in general, three oven AGAs and all those burning LPG (tank gas) need thermocouples more often as the ambient conditions, and corrosive nature of the gas mean that they don't last as long in these cookers.


Electric Economy 7

The manufacturers recommend annual servicing to check the cooker's operation.

However it's unlikely that any safety or performance issues would be caused by not servicing it (unlike Gas and Oil where checking and cleaning the burner and flue is a very important to ensure safe running).

The components under the 'shrouds' are cleaned and inspected, and can be replaced if necessary. The heating elements and external oven vent fan is checked too.

Some owners are comfortable in only calling us when they feel something needs attention - maybe the temperature is low in an evening suggesting one of the heating elements has failed, or the heat-transfer fan can get noisy (or fail), meaning a replacment is needed.
We can check and clean the other components whilst we attend to whatever is needed.

13amp Electric, AGA Dual Control and AGA Total Control

These models have fewer moving parts and require a safety check every 30 months (2.5 years).

The cooker's operation is checked along with a safety check of the cables inside.

Our Service Team

We have our own service engineers, trained at the AGA Factory Training School in addition to the relevant Gas Safe Register, Oil and Electrical qualifications.

We keep records of the AGAs we install and contact you around the time it's due to arrange a service visit. Work is carried out on a time and materials basis so you only pay for the work and parts needed.