Everhot Prices

Prices current at 8th April 2024.

Everhot 120i

Everhot 120i in Cream (One Piece Model)

£12,750.00 including VAT @ 20%

(The Everhot 120i is available as either a one-piece or two-piece model; both are the same price.)

Everhot 120 Plus

(Higher heat-output)

Everhot 120 in Black

£13,550.00 including VAT @ 20%

(The Everhot 120 Plus is available as either a one-piece or two-piece model; both are the same price.)
Note: this model has two external (wired) control boxes.

Everhot 150i

Everhot 150i in Metallic

£13,695.00 including VAT @ 20%

(The Everhot 150i is available as either a one-piece or two-piece model; both are the same price. Please note that due to its size and weight [and the fact it comes fully assembled] the one-piece 150i can only be fitted where there is exceptionally good access to the house and in to the kitchen. We must carry out a home survey to confirm this!)

Everhot 160i

Everhot 160i in Marine blue

£16,500.00 including VAT @ 20%

(Due to its size and weight the Everhot 160i is only available as a two-piece model.)

Chrome Pack

For 60 or 90 Models: £200.00

For 100, 110, 120, 150 and 160 models: £250.00

Click the image to see the differences between the 'Standard Finish' and the 'Chrome Pack'
Or click here to download a PDF.

Everhot Chrome Pack differences

Everhot in Teal with Chrome Pack

Stainless Steel Infill Strip for Back of Top-Plate

Available to 'push' the cooker forward by 30mm or 100mm.

30mm fills the normal space behind the cooker needed for the cables to exit the back of the cooker without stressing them, and to allow the lid to lift fully with room for your fingers to comfortably wrap around the lid's handle.

100mm is ideal where an AGA has previously been installed. It 'pushes' the Everhot that bit further forward so the front of the cooker lines up with the units, worktop and floor.

The 30mm version is a no-cost option (with a new Everhot).

Stainless Steel Infill strip for Everhot Cooker (100mm version)

Above - 100mm version shown, on the back of an Everhot 110 Plus.

The 100mm version is £120.00 including VAT @ 20% (when bought with your new Everhot).

The two-piece 120, 150 and 160 models need two infills, one for each 'side' of the cooker.

The Everhot Electric Stove (with oven)

£1,530.00 including VAT @20%

The Everhot Electric Heater (no oven)

£1,225.00 including VAT @20%

Everhot Electric Stove in Mustard Yellow

(Stove and Heater)

Please bear in mind that they weigh around 50kg so for safety this is a two-person lift.

Option 1 (No extra cost)

Doorstep delivery by courier

This is free of charge however the appliance will be delivered direct from the factory, by courier, and be left on a pallet OUTSIDE(!); they will not carry it in.

Option 2 (Recommended)
White Glove Service

For a small fee (£50.00) this includes bringing the appliance in, unpacking and positioning in your home.

Everhot Extractor by Westin

Click to download the Extractor price list.

Note: Extractor prices do not include the ducting or wall vent kit.

Installation is not included and needs to be arranged separately with your contractor.

The Everhot Grill

£1,995.00 including VAT @20%

Delivery direct from the factory to your home (UK mainland) is £100.00 including VAT @ 20%

(It's heavy, comes in a large box on a pallet and won't fit in most cars so isn't suitable for collection.)

Chapa Plate

£125.00 including VAT @20%

Everhot Grill Chapa Plate

Weather Shield

£250.00 including VAT @20%

Everhot Grill Weather Shield

Delivery and Connection

Everhot Cookers

(Standard local delivery)

For a 60 or 90 model - £360.00 including VAT @ 20%.

For a 100, 110, 120 or 150 model - £420.00 including VAT @ 20%.

This doesn't include any preparation work, kitchen alterations, removals of old cookers or wiring.

We assume that there is a suitable aperture for the size of cooker to be installed and a 13amp socket (or sockets, depending on model) in the correct position (which MUST NOT be behind the cooker) to plug in to. This also assumes that there is suitable access to get the cooker in to the kitchen (they're all delivered fully assembled so this may need to be checked for some of the larger models).

If you wish we can arrange for some small alterations or removals of an old cooker when we bring your new Everhot which may be at extra cost, depending on what's required.

If you feel that it would be useful for us to carry out a survey of the proposed location (or for pricing any extra work that may be needed) just let us know and we'll arrange a suitable time to call.

Everhot Stove and Heater

Standard "doorstep" home delivery is included in the price of the Everhot Electric Stove and Heater (however this is a simple drop-off only. It will be on a pallet and this does not include bringing the appliance in to your house; it will be left outside).
For an extra £50.00 including VAT @ 20% you can choose the "white glove" delivery and installation service which includes positioning it in your home.

Everhot Grill

Standard home delivery for the Everhot Grill is £100.00 including VAT @ 20%.

(The Everhot Grill weighs 60kg and comes in quite a large bulky protective box which doesn't fit in most cars.)


All models are available in all colours, the extra-cost option is the Chrome Pack.

Everhot Cookers

Colour choice (or Chrome Pack) won't affect the delivery time from the factory; all Everhot Cookers are made to order and take the same time: usually around 8-12 weeks.

(Everhot Cookers are not available in the Stove and Heater-only colour of Matt Black.)

Everhot Stoves

Again, colour choice won't affect the delivery time and Everhot stoves are usually delivered about four weeks from ordering.

The Everhot Stove and Heater are also available in Matt Black.


We sometimes have some more popular models and colours (both cookers and stoves) in stock which would be available straight away - just ask if you need one quickly.