The AGA 60

Fuel: All-Electric or Dual Fuel (gas hob, electric ovens)

The AGA 60, at just 60cm wide and with no flue or chimney, is particularly suited to smaller kitchens or where space is limited.

AGA 60 in Duck Egg Blue

We can normally install the AGA 60 in place of a slot-in cooker, or with some additional alterations (providing the layout and base-unit / worktops allow) remove a built-in oven and hob to create space for it to be installed.

It does everything you'd expect of an AGA, has true AGA cast-iron ovens for real AGA radiant-heat cooking, and either a super-quick, dual function electric hotplate (all-electric model) or a four-burner gas hob (dual fuel model). It has simple controls, quick heat-up time and a low-output mode for when it's not in use but when you still want the traditional AGA warmth.
It even has the same size ovens so all the same shelves and roasting tins fit in.

Video - How the AGA 60 Works

(Video by AGA)

Traditional Finish

The Traditional Finish has a hand-rail on the front, the AGA badge on the top oven door (the all-electric model has the traditional domed lid with chrome spring handle over the hot-plate).

AGA 60 in Pearl Ashes, Traditional Finish

Hob: All-Electric

One dual-function hot-plate: Simmering or boiling.

The outer section is useable and provides extra cooking area (albeit at a lower heat) to the main hot-plate.

Hotplate inner, outer resting area

AGA 60 Electric Hotplate

Hob: Dual Fuel

Four-Burner Gas Hob

Simple controls, instant heat and flame failure safety cut-off.

AGA 60 Gas Hob


(Both Models)

Two Cast-Iron AGA Radiant Heat Ovens:

Upper - dual function cast-iron oven that can be set to either roasting or baking temperature.
Lower - simmering oven.

AGA 60 in Lemon, labelled drawing

Dimensions: All-Electric

Height to hot-plate: 910mm

To the top of the open lid is approximately 1380mm.

Width: 600mm

Depth: 623mm

(front to back, measured to the front-plate, excluding the hand-rail on the traditional finish model)

Weight: 223kg

Dimensioned Drawing

AGA 60 Dimensioned Line Drawing

Dimensions: Dual Fuel

Height to top-plate: 913.5mm

Top of pan trivets: 946.5mm

Width: 600mm

Depth: 640mm

(front to back, measured to the front-plate, excluding the hand-rail on the traditional finish model)

Weight: 215kg

Dimensioned Drawing

AGA 60 Gas Hob Dimensioned Line Drawing


The AGA 60 doesn't normally need a raised plinth.

A clearance of 650mm is required above the hob to any surface/extractor.

Some clearances are required for installation - please contact us for more information

Have more questions on installation requirements?

AGA Installation FAQs

Oven and Hot-plate Average Temperatures and Dimensions

Electric Hot Plate:

360mm diameter

300-340 degrees C in boiling mode

(11 minute heat-up from cold)

200-240 degrees C in simmering mode

(8 minute heat-up from cold)

Hot Plate Surround

The area not covered by the lid surrounding the circular hot-plate has two durable sections, removable for cleaning and is designed to have pans resting on it to slow the cooking speed and reduce the heat.

Gas Hob Option:

Four Burners

Front Left: 3.6kW (3.5 on LPG model)

Front Right: 1.75kW

Right Rear: 3.0kW

Left Rear: 1.75kW

Oven Power Rating

(Applies to both models)

Top: 3.0kW

Bottom: 0.9kW

A 32amp cooker circuit is required for either model.

Top Oven:


W: 349mm
H: 254mm
D: 455mm

Approximate temperatures

(Measured at top)

240 C in 'Roast' mode
190 C in 'Bake' mode

Heat-up time:

40 minutes cold to bake
40 minutes cold to roast
40 minutes bake to roast

Simmering Oven


W: 349mm
H: 254mm
D: 495mm

Approximate temperatures

(Measured at top)
Normal: 115 celsius

Heat-up time:

Cold to Normal - 45 min


The AGA 60's ovens are the same size as any cast-iron heat-storage AGA so all the oven trays, shelves and roasting tins fit the runners.



Available in all colours see colours page for more information).

Electric Supply Position

A 32amp cooker circuit is required (for either model). The switch must be in the same room, within 2m of and NOT BEHIND OR DIRECTLY ABOVE the cooker. In a base unit to its side is ideal.

Gas Supply Position

AGA 60 Gas Bayonet Position