The AGA Freestanding Module

AGA Freestanding Module in Heather

Available with: Electric Ceramic Hob and Electric Ovens or Gas Hob with Electric Ovens.

The AGA Freestanding Module is the perfect companion to your AGA, adding more cooking space and giving extra flexibility for the times when you just need a little bit more.

Overall Dimensions

The Freestanding Module is not as deep (front to back) and may be a different height to an existing heat-storage AGA - please be aware of this if you intend to sit them next to each other.

We recommend having at least one base unit (any width, even a trayspace is fine) between the main AGA and a Freestanding Module; this 'breaks' the continuity and helps to mask the fact that the main AGA is 100mm 'deeper' (front to back) than the Freestanding Module.

Designed to fit a 'standard' cooker gap of 600mm and match a 'standard' 900mm-910mm worktop height.

AGA Freestanding Module Front and side elevation
AGA Freestanding Module plan view


Height to hot-plate: 910mm

Clearance required above hob: 650mm

Width: 595mm

Depth: 600mm (front to back, measured to the front-plate, it's 680mm to the front of the hand-rail)

Weight: 129kg



Available in all colours except claret - see colours page for more information)


Four-zone electric ceramic hob or four-burner gas hob. (The ovens are always electric.)

Oven and Hob Ratings

Electric Ceramic Hob:

Two 1.2kW Zones and two 1.8kW Zones.

Gas Hob:

One Ultra-rapid 3.5kW burner, one rapid 3.0kW burner and two semi-rapid 1.75kW burners.

Top Oven

Conventional Electric Slow-Cooking oven (1.0kW), (90 to 120 degrees C).

Grill (in the top oven)

Two 1.05kW elements.

Bottom Oven

Fan oven (1.4kW), Energy rating 'B'.