Everhot are a family owned, British company best known for their class-leading economic heat-storage cookers and their unyielding dedication to precise high standards - all their products are engineered to the highest standards and handbuilt at their factory in the Cotswolds.

Black Everhot 90i Electric range cooker

Everhot Cookers

A low energy electric heat storage cooker providing supreme cooking performance and a gentle background warmth to the kitchen.

Reduce power consumption and heat output (only if you want to) by using the programmable 'ECO' function.

Sage Everhot 100i Electric range cooker

Everhot Extractor Hood

By Westin Ltd

Sage Everhot 100i Electric range cooker

Engineered in Yorkshire by Westin Ltd to Everhot's high standards, and in matching colours, it's the perfect partner for your new Everhot cooker.

Marine Blue Everhot 120i Electric range cooker

Everhot Roomheater Stove

Ideal for the 'snug', home office, conservatory, Shepherd's hut, hobby room or man-cave!

Providing adjustable warmth (up to 1.8kW) to the room and incorporating a small oven too. (You can bake a cake or warm your lunch whilst you work!)

Mustard Yellow Everhot Electric Stove

Everhot BBQ Grill

Introducing the fabulous outdoor BBQ Grill.

Everhot Outdoor BBQ Grill

Raise or lower the cooking deck to achieve the perfect heat, and choose from different cooking plates to suit whatever you're grilling.

Low Running Costs

Around £20.00-£24.00 per week, and that's before you use the ECO energy-saving programme.

Running costs and fuel consumption

Everhot or AGA?

How do they compare?
Everhot AGA