The AGA ERA 110-3i

Controllable, programmable, economic.

AGA ERA 110-3i roomset with brick wall

The AGA ERA 110-3i (110cm wide) takes the AGA 7 Series eR7's DNA and evolves in to a contemporary, stylish cooker combining cast-iron radiant heat cooking with conventional fan oven and induction capabilities.

Individual controls for all ovens: the upper can be set from a low baking temperature right up to a high roasting heat, and there's a grill in the roof of the top oven too. The lower (simmering) oven is ideal for slow-cooking, steaming vegetables and warming duties. A separate fan oven (lower-left) adds flexibility and capacity.

They only take around an hour to heat up (15 mins for the fan oven) and to negate any waiting time can be programmed to heat up ready for when you need them (on a '7-day' basis, much like you'd set up your central heating timer).

Fan Oven

There's a conventional fan oven (bottom-left) with a speedy 15 minute heat-up time, oven light and black glass viewing window in the door.

AGA ERA 110-3i with oven doors open

Hotplate and Induction Hob

On top there's a large cast-iron hotplate (two settings: boil or simmer) and a four zone induction hob with many useful additional settings and functions.

AGA ERA 110-3i hob cooking kebabs

Tuned to your needs and with low running costs

The AGA ERA 110-3i has an ultra-low heat-output 'Slumber' setting making it ideal for trickling a low-level warmth in to new-builds and well insulated properties, or just smaller rooms where less heat is needed.

The clever controls work in conjunction with elements embedded in to the roof and floor of the cast-iron ovens (and the hotplates) to enable much quicker heat-up times than a traditional AGA (about one to one and a quarter hours for the ovens, ten to twelve minutes for the hotplates). This also helps reduce heat-output by not heating the room over a longer warm-up time.

AGA ERA 110-3i handrail and top

AGA ERA 110-3i hob, cooking mussels

AGA Radiant-Heat Cooking with a grill and selectable oven temperatures.

The AGA ERA 110-3i gives a choice of temperature settings for the cast-iron top (primary) oven; from 'B1' (low bake) to 'R9' (high roast), and there's a grill in the roof of the oven too - perfect for browning the lasagne or just for a simple slice of cheese on toast.

The lower 'simmering' oven is fixed-temperature at around 110-120 degrees celsius, ideal for slow-cooking.

The ovens can be used either from completely off, heating quickly to the required setting (ideal for summer when you don't need warmth to the room), or from the low-heat output and energy-saving 'Slumber' setting (about 100-120 degrees C) heating to full cooking temperature only when you need them to (perfect for spring and autumn when a little heat is welcome). For the depths of winter it's fine to leave the ovens on all the time for an increased level of background heat to the room.

Three Ovens

Two cast-iron radiant-heat ovens on the right, and a conventional fan oven on the left.

(With a grill in the top of the upper oven.)

AGA ERA 110-3i with doors open

Hotplate and Induction Hob

Large cast-iron hotplate on the right which can be set to either boil or simmer temperatures.

Four-zone induction hob to the left, with 'bridging function' so you can link the front and rear zones to accommodate large or unusual shaped pans.

AGA ERA 110-3i Hotplate and Induction Hob

Overall Dimensions

Height to hot-plate: 911mm
To the top of the open lids is 1395mm.

Width: 1100mm

Depth (front to back):
To frontplate: 630mm
To handrail: 705mm

Add 10mm depth dimensions for the distance to the wall [there's a spacer on the back of the cooker]

Weight: 320kg


The doors open sideways and you must allow a clearance to kitchen cabinets, cabinet handles or adjacent walls.

In a corner

Side clearance in a corner: 130mm for the door swing

Click for a larger diagram.

In a straight run of furniture

Side clearance when in a run: 90mm to cabinet handles

Click for a larger diagram.


Do I need a plinth?

No, the AGA ERA 110-3i is 911mm high (to the hot-plate), which is just right for a standard kitchen worktop height of 900-910mm.

What do I do with the floor under the AGA ERA?

Run the floor finish all the way under the AGA. (Or make it flat and level with the finished floor in the kitchen.)

It's vital that the cooker is fitted on top of any floor tiles or finish - there's a pull-out access to some components within its base and if you tile afterwards this would stop the pull-out from being accessed. (The floor needs to be flat and level, and to extend all the way under where the AGA will be.)

(It weighs about 350kg so the floor needs to be suitable. Suspended floors are normally fine but it may be best to ask a builder to check if you're unsure about its load-bearing capability.)

Do I need a gap around the cooker?

Not really, although some small clearances are required for installation - please contact us for more information

What is the warranty?

1 year labour and 5 years parts.

Does it need to be serviced?

AGA say regular maintenance / servicing is not required.

What electricity supply does it need?

See below for the electrical requirements.

Does it have a flue?

No, no flue needed.

Can I fit an extractor?

Yes, an extractor is recommended above the AGA ERA - see below.

Have more questions on installation requirements?

AGA Installation FAQs

Oven and Hot-plate Average Temperatures and Dimensions

360mm diameter

Simmer setting: 200-240 degrees celsius
(Heat-up from cold - 10 minutes)

Boil setting: 300-340 degrees celsius
(Heat-up from cold - 12 minutes, or two minutes from the simmer setting)

Top Oven


W: 350mm
H: 250mm
D: 473mm

Usable capacity: 35.7 litres

(Takes a 10kg [22lb] turkey.)

Heat-up time (approx, including temperature stabilisation):

Cold to Normal - 1hr 15 min
Slumber to Normal - 45mins

Grill (in the roof of the oven) rating: 2.1kW

Fan Oven


W: 355mm
H: 265mm
D: 507mm
Usable capacity: 40.8 litres

Heat-up time

(Approx., including temperature stabilisation):

Cold to R8 - 15 minutes

Rating: 1.9kW

AGA ERA 110-3i - Approximate Oven Temperatures

Setting Fan Oven
(Measured in the centre)
Cast-Iron Oven
(Top Right)
(Measured at the top)
Slumber n/a 100-115 C
B1 90-100 C 140 C
B2 120 C 150 C
B3 140 C 160 C
(Normal Bake Setting)
160 C 180 C
R6 180 C 200 C
R7 200 C 220 C
(Normal Roast Setting)
210 C 230 C
R9 220 C 240 C

Simmering Oven


W: 350mm
H: 250mm
D: 473mm

Usable capacity: 38.4 litres
(Takes a 10kg [22lb] turkey.)

Approximate temperatures

(Measured at top)
Normal: 100-115 celsius
Slumber: 100 celsius

Heat-up time:

Cold to Normal - 1hr 15 min
(The simmering oven stays at 'normal' temperature in Slumber mode.)

Electrical Requirements

Two circuits are required:


1 No 32amp cooker circuit
(Main part of the cooker)

1 No 13amp Supply
(Induction hob)

(AGA recommends a switched, fused spur connection point.)

Click for a larger photo.

Ideally a 32amp cooker switch and a separate 13amp switched, fused, spur connection point as shown in the photo.

(Alternatively you could combine the two in a 45amp cooker circuit terminating in a 'Cooker switch with socket outlet'. It's not ideal but is permissable providing the electrical system meets requirements and may save on installation costs.)

Mount in a base unit immediately to the side of the cooker, NOT BEHIND IT!

Oven Venting

The AGA ERA 110-3i vents its ovens to the room and although not mandatory it is recommended to have an extractor above.

AGA ERA 110-3i Cooking

Extractor Hood

Like nearly all cookers the AGA ERA vents its ovens (and hotplates) to the room so it is recommended to install an extractor above it.

More information on the AGA Extractors here.

The AGA 'Super Extractor' Hood