The AGA R3 Series Heat-Storage Cookers

A contemporary AGA - on '24/7' yet flexible and controllable

A perfect replacement when it's time to retire your traditional oil, gas or solid fuel AGA; it's on and warm, simple to control and use, controllable and economical.

AGA R3 100-4h in White

No flue needed, cheap to run, no annual servicing, six size options - 90cm to 170cm and optional induction hob.

Where does it sit in the 'New' AGA Range?

AGA have launched a number of new models over recent years and the R3 is probably best seen as the more basic of these; they have simple controls making them easy to operate and cheaper to buy.

This said, the R3 series are all you'd expect of an AGA: happy to be on all day giving a welcoming constant background warmth. They offer a true AGA cast-iron roasting oven for real AGA radiant-heat cooking; a second enamelled oven; a warming oven; and exclusive to the AGA R3 series - a speedy, infra-red grill.

Each of the 'parent' models (90, 100 and 110) can be extended (to the 150, 160 and 170 models) with an additional module which has a simmering plate on top and a tall, high-capacity fan oven below.

AGA 3 Series eR3 170-5i