AGA Plinths

An AGA is made primarily of cast-iron so can weigh a considerable amount.

If the floor in your kitchen is a solid construction then that's usually fine to carry the cooker.

If it's a different construction then you can still have an AGA, it's just that a support will probably be needed to ensure the floor is capable of carrying the cooker.

We can advise on what's best to do once we've carried out a home survey, however there are some guidance notes below.

Floor support or Plinth?

First of all we'd best explain which is which!

Floor Support

By 'Floor Support' we're meaning a construction that goes under the floor to add strength and enable it to carry the weight of the AGA.
You wouldn't normally see the floor support - it's below the foor finish.


The plinth is the bit above the floor that you do see - not all AGAs need one; the S-Series, Freestanding Module, AGA 60, Dual Control and Total Control and AGA 7 Series all have a plinth as part of the cooker.
Traditional heat storage models (designed before standard worktop heights) usually do, to raise the AGA (which is a non-standard height of 851mm) to the correct height - normally so the radius edge on the cooker's top plate is 5-10mm above the adjacent worktops, so usually a finished height of 910-925mm.

Black Metal Plinth

Fitted in most cases - a specially made metal plinth to raise the AGA by 50mm or 65mm (with some levelling adjustment).

It matches the size of the AGA and the matt black finish matches the cooker's own black cast iron base-plate.

Suitable for Gas, Oil and 13amp Electric AGAs. (Not Economy 7 Electric models.)

Three Oven AGA Cooker on a black metal plinth

Plain Concrete Plinth

We can sit the AGA on a plain concrete plinth to raise it anywhere from 50mm upwards. It is slightly smaller than the AGA (by about 25mm at the front and sides) and is left purposely unfinished for you to arrange the finish of your choice.

Suitable for Gas, Oil, 13amp Electric and Economy 7 Electric models.

Two Oven Economy 7 (30amp) Electric AGA Cooker on a plain concrete plinth

Black Tiled Edge Base

A gloss black tiled edge finish for the plain concrete base.

Four Oven 13amp Electric AGA Cooker with Integrated Module on black tiled edge base

Stone Flag, Brick or other Plinth

Of course you can arrange to have your own plinth installed prior to us coming to install the AGA - don't forget to allow for the floor tiling when calculating the height to set it at!