The AGA eR3 Series 'Everyday' Cookers

A contemporary AGA with the flexibility for Everyday living

AGA Everyday eR3 100-4i in White

Six Different Models

90, 100, 110, 150, 160 and 170.

(Note - model numbers are an approximate width in centimetres, check individual specification for actual dimensions.)

Quick and Easy to Install

No flue, no plumbing, cheap to run and no annual servicing.

The very best of both worlds

It's everything you'd expect of an AGA: true AGA cast-iron ovens for real AGA radiant-heat cooking; a super-quick, dual function electric hotplate; warming oven; modern energy-efficient induction hob and a fan oven on the larger 150/160/170 models, all with simple, easy to use controls.

AGA Radiant Heat Cooking

Cast-iron ovens and hotplates, just like the traditional models but these are switchable to save energy and reduce warmth to the room when you don't need it.

Yes - it does still warm the room! Only you have more control - leaving ovens or hotplates on or off will vary the warmth emitted to the room; simply adjust to suit what you need. (There's a timer available to automatically pre-heat the top cast-iron oven too.)

Modern Fan Oven and Induction Hob

The eR3 series cookers come with an induction hob and the larger 150, 160 and 170 models have a fan oven too, for even greater flexibility and capacity.

AGA 3 Series eR3 170-5i