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Mercury Cookers - Extractors and Splashbacks

Extractor Canopy

Extractors to go above your Mercury in two different styles ('slab side' or 'pitched side'), three different widths (1000mm, 1082mm and 1200mm) and all the matching colours. (And a further 'built-in' option for a completely hidden look.)

Powerful and quiet with variable speed centrifugal fan, removable air filters and built-in spotlights.

Best when installed to extract to outside (ducting and wall vent kits aren't included but can be supplied separately).

Ductwork should ideally be round, smooth bore and be as straight as possible, taking the most direct route to outside. If bends need to be fitted then they should be as big a radius as possible to reduce the 'resistance to flow'. (More bends and greater length means more noise and reduced effectiveness.)

It is possible to use the extractor as a 'recirculating' version if you can't get the ducting to outside. We strongly recommend venting externally though - it's a much better solution. Recirculating means changing carbon (odour) filters every three months or so and, you don't get rid of the moisture-laden air which is really the most important thing to exhaust to outside.

Extractors should normally be installed with a clearance of at least 800mm above the hob.

'Slab Side' Extractor

Mercury 1000 Slab sided extractor
Mercury Slab Side Canopy Data Sheet

The Slab side extractor has a flat top but is otherwise essentially the same as the pitched side version.

'Pitched Side' Extractor

Mercury 1000 Pitched side extractor
Mercury Pitch Canopy Data Sheet

The Pitched side extractor has a sloping top but is otherwise essentially the same as the slab sided version.

'Built-In' Extractor

Mercury Built in extractor
Mercury FM900 Built-in Canopy Data Sheet

Designed to be built in to a canopy or feature built by your kitchen installer. It's usually hidden from view with only the filter, lights and controls showing on the underside.

Stainless Steel Backsplash

In widths to match your Mercury Cooker.

Mercury 1200 with Splashback and Extractor