The AGA S-Series Four-Two -

For information only - the Four-Two Cooker was discontinued in December 2014.

The AGA Freestanding Module is almost identical to the Four-Two.

Gas Hob with Electric Ovens.

The AGA S-Series Four-Two can be a companion to your AGA, adding more cooking space and giving extra flexibility; a stand-alone cooker with AGA character.

AGA S-Series Four-Two in Pearl Ashes

Designed to fit a 'standard' cooker gap of 600mm and match a 'standard' 900mm-910mm worktop height.

Overall Dimensions

The Four-Two is not as deep (front to back) and may be a different height to an existing heat-storage AGA - please be aware of this if you intend to sit them next to each other

AGA S-Series Four-Two Cooker front elevation AGA S-Series Four-Two Cooker Plan View

Height to hot-plate: 910mm

Clearance required above hob: 650mm

Width: 595mm

Depth: 620mm (front to back, measured to the front-plate, it's 675mm to the front of the hand-rail)

Weight: 140kg



Available in all colours except claret - see colours page for more information)

Four-burner gas hob. (The ovens are always electric.)

Dual-zone ceramic grill (in the top oven).

Hob and Oven Ratings

Gas Hob:

One Ultra-rapid 4.5kW burner, one rapid 3.0kW burner and two semi-rapid 1.75kW burners.
Fitted with a 'Flame Failure Device' to shut off the gas supply should the flame extinguish.

Top Oven:

Conventional Electric oven (2.2kW), Energy rating 'C'.

Grill (The grill is in the top oven):

Rapid response 2.25kW ceramic grill.

Bottom Oven:

Fan oven (2kW), Energy rating 'D'.
(The fan oven is programmable with the onboard digital timer.)

Electrical and Gas Requirements:

A 32amp 'Cooker Circuit' is required for the Four-Two.

A suitably sized gas supply (for the 11kW rating of the burners) is required. The size of the pipe depends on the length (of pipe), number of bends and the rating of the other appliances connected to the system. (Your Gas Safe registered engineer will be able to help with pipe-sizing - it's part of their basic training.)

It is vital that the electric supply switch is to the side of the cooker, not behind or above it.

The positioning and alignment of the gas connector (it needs to be a 'mini-bayonet' fitting, pointing sideways) is also critical - if it's not positioned correctly it will not fit in the cooker's recessed back panel and effectively 'push' it forward. Please refer to us or the manufacturer's 'Installation Instructions' for the positioning details