The AGA R3 Series Cookers - 90cm

A contemporary AGA - on all the time for a gentle background warmth

AGA Everyday eR3 90-3 in White

90cm wide, no flue needed, cheap to run, no annual servicing and an induction hob.

It's everything you'd expect of an AGA: true AGA cast-iron oven for 'radiant-heat' cooking; second baking/simmering oven; a hotplate with two heat settings; a warming oven incorporating a high-speed infra-red grill and a two-zone induction hob: traditional and modern rolled in to one.


Left-side - a dual-function hotplate: Simmering or boiling.

The outer section is useable and provides extra cooking area (albeit at a lower heat) to the main hot-plate.

AGA 3 Series Hotplate lid

Induction Hob

The R3 90-3i has a two-zone induction hob.

With touch-controls, pan detection and numerous automatic functions the induction hob adds a new level of functionality to your AGA.

AGA eR3 Induction hob

Induction Hob Functions:

- Defrost / melt (44 C).

- Warm and keep warm (70 C).

- Warm and simmer (90 C).

- Boil-detection for water.

- Heat to frying temperature.

- Timer functions (various).

- Keep simmering or re-boil.

- Boil-detection for water.

- Boil dry detection.

- Pan detection.

- Bridging function (join two zones to make one large one).

AGA 3 Series 90cm with Induction hob option



Upper left - cast-iron roasting (240 C) oven.

Simmering / Baking

Lower left - dual-temperature enamelled steel oven, either baking (190C) or simmering and slow-cooking oven (110-120 C).


Tall warming oven (switched separately) at the right-hand side for plate or general 'warming' duties.


In the top of the right-hand warming oven there's also a high-speed Infra-red grill.

AGA eR3 90-3 warming oven


Height to top-plate: 913mm

Top of rear upstand: 928mm

Width: 900mm

Depth: 634mm

(front to back, measured to the front-plate, excluding the hand-rail, with hand-rail is 707mm)

Weight: 300kg (approx.)

Dimensioned Drawing

AGA 3 Series 90cm cooker Dimensioned Line Drawing

Have more questions on installation requirements?

AGA Installation FAQs


The AGA R3 Series doesn't need a raised plinth.

A clearance of 650mm is required above the hob to any surface/extractor.

A clearance of 116mm is required to the left side to allow the oven doors to open far enough so the trays can be slid in and out without being obstructed by the door liner.

There is a 25mm spacer fitted to the back of the cooker which should not be removed.

This ensures the correct gap is maintained to any wall construction and allows the cooker to be fitted up to a plasterboard or 'combustible' wall.

There will always be a small (14mm) gap behind the cooker's top plate to the wall. (Due to the top-plate overhang of the back - see diagram.)

AGA 3 Series 90cm - clearances for oven door opening
AGA 3 Series - clearances to wall behind

Electric Supply

Two "Switched, Fused, Spur Connection Points" are recommended

Why not sockets?

The cables are quite big and don't fit in a plug top.

You may have to ask your electrician to adapt an existing cooker switch / outlet (or the 'ring circuit') to fit the spur points - we don't recommend sockets; the cables don't fit in plug tops at all well and a spur connection provides a much safer solution.

Best Practice?

Fit two switched, fused, spur connection points. Both are fine to carry the full 2.8kW for at least as long as they would ever need to and should be fine. Belt and braces we know but better safe than sorry!

The spur points MUST be located to the side of the cooker, NOT behind it.

Ideally mounted in an easily accessible position on the back or side of a cupboard immediately adjacent to the cooker.

Spur Point Position Diagram

AGA R3 90 Electrical Supply - Spur point position diagram

(Click image for larger version)

Electric Hot Plate (Left)

360mm diameter

Simmer Setting

(20 minute heat-up from cold)

200-240 degrees C

Boil Setting

(40 minute heat-up from cold, 20 min from Simmer)

300-340 degrees C

Maximum load: approx. 1kW

Hot Plate Surround

The area not covered by the lid surrounding the circular hot-plate has two durable sections, removable for cleaning and is designed to have pans resting on it to slow the cooking speed and reduce the heat.

AGA 3 Series 90cm Induction hob option

Induction hob

Two-zones, multiple functions

Max Load: approx. 2.8kW

AGA 3 Series 90cm Induction hob option

Roasting Oven

(Top Left)


W: 350mm
H: 250mm
D: 474mm
(38.5 litres)

Approx. temperatures

(Measured at top)

240 C in 'Roast' mode
approx 150-180C in 'e' mode

Heat-up time:

We recommend allowing 2 hours 15 minutes for the heat to fully soak in to the cast-iron sides and back of the oven.

(To heat from 'e' mode to full is about one hour, to cool from full to the 'e' setting is about one and a half hours.)

Max load: approx. 0.9kW

Simmering Oven

(Bottom left)


W: 350mm
H: 250mm
D: 474mm
(38.5 litres)

Approx. temperature

(Measured at top)
Around 110-120 C

Heat-up time:

We recommend allowing about two hours for the lower oven to heat and fully soak in to the oven.

(To heat from 'e' mode to full is about one hour, to cool from full to the 'e' setting is about one and a half hours.)

Max load: approx. 0.6kW

Tall Warming Oven with Grill

(Right-hand side)


W: 290mm
H: 585mm
D: 527mm
(75.9 litres)

Max load: approx. 0.1kW

Max load: approx. 1.8kW (Grill)




The temperature of this oven means that (under official food safety recommendations) it's not recommended for use as a 'holding oven' for food.

AGA eR3 ovens
AGA eR3 90 warming oven


The AGA R3 Series cast-iron oven is the same size as any cast-iron heat-storage AGA so all the oven trays, shelves and roasting tins fit the runners.



Available in all colours - see colours page for more information.

(All AGA 3 Series cookers have black side panels.)