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Everhot January Offer

Save up to £300.00 on your new Everhot Cooker - get free standard delivery if you order in January 2019.

Please note that Everhots are made to order and usually take about 8 weeks to arrive. We're happy to store the cooker if you'd like to order in advance of when you need it however we ask that the balance is paid when it is delivered to us.

Not available in conjuction with any other offer or discount.

Green Everhot 100 Cooker

AGA Cookware Offer

Free AGA Cookware when you buy a 'New Generation' AGA Cooker.

AGA Cookware offer Dec 2018 to Feb 2019

The value (and contents) of the pack depend on the new cooker you purchase:
- £700.00 with a 'New Generation' Total Control or Dual Control AGA.
- £400.00 with an AGA 3 Series Cooker.

The offer runs to 16th February 2019. (Please contact us for details on the pack contents and for full T's and C's. It doesn't include the AGA 60 or 'Traditional' model AGAs, can't be combined with any other offer or discount and doesn't apply if you're trading-in against your new AGA.)

Save £1,990.00 on a new 'Traditional' Two oven AGA

Two oven 13amp electric, gas conventional flue or oil AGAs in a limited number of colours are available with a discount of £1,990.00 (£6,795.00 instead of £8,785.00) if you order before 16th February 2019.

This includes VAT and delivery and assembly of the cooker, other ancillary works (fuel supply, flue/vent, preparatory work etc) need to be arranged separately.

Terms and Conditions Apply...

As always there are terms and conditions and the offers can't be combined with each other or any other offer or discount. Please get in touch if you'd like further or more detailed information.

New 90cm AGA 3 Series Cooker

The Family of AGA 3 Series Cookers has a new addition!

A new 90cm wide model has just been launched - controllable, economic, two cast iron AGA ovens, a large warming oven, dual temperature hotplate and the option of a two-zone induction hob.
'The (new) AGA for Everyday'.

More details on the new 90cm AGA 3 Series Cooker

AGA Everyday eR3 90-3 in White

New Everhot Colour #1 Victoria Blue

Now available to order is Everhot's new 'Victoria Blue'.

We have some postcard samples and our display cooker is on its way.

Everhot Victoria Blue roomset

New Everhot Colour #2 Marine Blue

Now available to order is Everhot's new Marine Blue.

We have some postcard samples and our display cooker is on its way.

Everhot Marine Blue roomset

Reconditioned Black Four Oven 13amp Electric AGA

Save £3,790.00 on the brand-new price for this reconditioned AGA.

Call in to have a look; it's in our showroom now.

Click here for more information

Reconditioned Black Four oven 13amp Electric AGA Cooker
Reconditioned Black Four oven 13amp Electric AGA Cooker

Ex-Display Everhot Cookers For Sale

We're changing some of our display Everhots in the next couple of months and have some as-new (never been switched on) models for sale.

Details on our reconditioned and ex-display cooker page, or give us a call if you'd like more info (for local delivery only).

Most Popular


AGA - Colours 2018

1 Pewter
2 Linen
3 Cream
4 Pearl Ashes
5 White
6 Dartmouth Blue
7 Dark Blue
8 Black
9 Aubergine
10 British Racing Green
11 Duck Egg Blue
12 Slate
13 Dove

AGA - Fuels 2018

1 Electric (88%)
2 Gas (12%)
(We didn't sell any oil models in 2018, and only two in 2017.)

AGA - Models 2018

1 Total Control
(34% 3 oven, 66% 5 oven)
2 Dual Control
(50% 3 oven, 50% 5 oven)
3 Two oven
(Traditional heat-storage)
4 3 Series
5 AGA 60
6 Three oven
(Traditional heat-storage)
7 Four oven
(Traditional heat-storage)


Everhot - Colours 2018

1 Graphite
2 Cream
3 Black
4 Sage
5 Dove Grey
6 Marine Blue
7 White
8 Burgundy
9 Aubergine
10 Teal
11 Green
12 Blue
13 Dusky Pink
14 Victoria Blue
15 Tangerine

Everhot - Models 2018

1 EVH120i
2 EVH100i
3 EVH110i
4 EVH150i
5 EVH90i
6 EVH60
7 EVH110 Plus
8 EVH150
9 EVH90 Plus
10 EVH100
11 EVH120
(High heat output model)